Why Hiring for Contact Centers is Still a Challenge

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Contact Center Recruiting Remains a Challenge: Here’s Why

A survey found 57% of business executives consider call reduction their number-one priority. Those that acted on that desire may have been caught off-guard, according to McKinsey.

Despite “the plethora of technology solutions,” says the global consulting firm, “we see that calls are not going away…” In fact, they are increasing.

It’s all about customer engagement and timely solutions (see: NOW). Because of the increased demand, you’d think contact center recruiting would be easier.

Contact Center Recruiting Needs Management Focus

The importance of human interactions requires
continued investment in frontline talent.

You likely consider your sales and service teams your “frontline talent.” If you are discounting the importance of your own contact center professionals, that’s your biggest problem.

Contact centers are active, noisy places where managers can suffer from burnout faster than most. Your contact center is only as good as its management.

Fonolo says great contact center managers do 7 things every day:

  1. Act as a leader of something important
  2. Analyze contact center data/metrics
  3. Communicate/engage face-to-face with talent
  4. Focus on agent retention
  5. Jump into the action
  6. Learn about and share the latest contact center technology
  7. Make the contact center a great place to work

Contact center recruiting should emphasize your company’s leadership values its talent.

Active Listeners are Hard to Find

When interviewing contact center talent, some recruiters are enthralled by a candidate’s excitement during the interview. But if potential new-hires interrupt or overtalk, that’s a clue they aren’t active listeners.

Watch their faces when you speak. Do they make appropriate facial expressions; nods of understanding? Do they give verbal cues they are listening to your words? Can they reaffirm you by repeating what they heard you say?

Contact center professionals should be active listeners. In a me-first culture, that’s a rare and valuable skill.

What Contact Center Professionals Need

Contact center recruiting seeks people eager to be problem-solvers. But a problem-solver’s sense of urgency is what today’s customers want.

Now mix that aggressive desire to fix things with…patience. If a contact center professional gives Attitude (“Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.”), you’ve got a serious problem.

Angry customers can be “talked down” from their frustrations to a more logical place. Customer service pros know to let them vent. Patience can change the entire tone of a conversation with an aggressive, challenging customer.

Today’s talent seeks a dynamic work environment with the possibility of personal and professional growth. Your company should be able to reinforce that ambition by offering ongoing education and training. There should be opportunities for advancement.

Like you, your employees want to be proud of their company.

Our Talent Sourcing Works…for You

Did you know you average 15 interviews for one position? When you factor time and money, recruiting one new-hire becomes quite an investment. 

We understand your frustration when employees leave prematurely. Your investment goes down the drain and the search begins. Again.

The Call Center Group A-Z saves its clients thousands of dollars every year. We offer a unique guarantee: 100% replacement. If one of our candidates is terminated for any reason within the first 12 months, we will find a replacement at no additional charge.

That kind of confidence is why we’ve been a leader in recruitment for the contact center industry. We offer our clients a win-win. We’re proud of our record: In 2019 we placed over 150 contact center professionals that are integral in making their companies more successful every day.

Call 480.538.6001 or contact The Call Center Group today. Be sure to ask how our 9-Step Recruiting Process can work to your advantage.

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