Our Nine Step Process
Search Excellence

We know what to expect as the employment industry grows and changes. Our expert team will partner with you to develop a competitive market search specification that will attract the premium candidates. Over 25 years of experience allows us to stay ahead of employment trends. You can count on us to ensure that we understand your unique needs.
Building a comprehensive job description is crucial to a winning search. Creating a job description that is complete and detailed is crucial. The best job description for a call centre recruitment position is one that explains more about the duties of the job and any qualifications you require. In order to find the perfect candidate, a clear cut explanation of the position and its requirements must be presented. We can help you create a job post to find a high school or college graduate who already has experience in your field.

Many applicants searching for a job worry about applying for new positions because they think their employers may fire them. The methods we use ensure that as few people know about that application as possible. Our thorough analysis of your company (operations and culture), competitors and marketplace allow The Call Center Group A-Z to develop a winning game plan. Our extensive network of industry professionals enables us to discreetly target candidates.

Derived from your needs and our research, The Call Center Group A-Z will identify the finest prospective candidates for the position. Beyond technical ability, we classify and appraise candidates extensively, covering the critical intangible aspects of successful executives. We believe that the best candidates are those who are more well-rounded. Only those candidates who we believe will best meet the needs and any open positions you have will move forward.

Why would you hire someone who might leave after going through training and gaining some experience? Our expansive interviewing process allows us to assess the talent in the marketplace and match that to your needs. It allows us to find candidates who truly want a job and plan on making a career out of that job, which helps you save money. We understand that the “right fit” is not simply aligning up technical requirements with the job requisition. In today’s hiring environment, resumes often provide little value beyond the candidate’s contact information. Of the many intangibles we address, creating a cultural fit between candidate and company is one of our strongest pursuits. We seek to provide placements that produce for you the highest ROI, which requires finding a candidate that will contribute to your company for the long term.

Upon conclusion of our selection and evaluation process, we present a comprehensive summary of the most qualified candidates for your review. During the presentation, you’re free to ask any questions you have. We’ll take some at the end of that meeting to see how you feel about the candidate or candidates we presented. Any feedback you give us will help us adjust how we find applicants for you. This attention to detail provides an efficient, timely and highly successful match. Only qualified candidates are presented to the client making sure the candidate understands the client’s organization, the scope of the position, and company goals and opportunities. The Call Center Group A-Z works closely with client and candidate to make sure there is a fit on all levels.

One thing you should know about The Call Center Group A-Z is that we believe in the importance of professional references. You can rest assured that our reference checks weed out poor candidates. We have an obligation to reference follow through that provides certainty to candidate viability. As with our preparation, follow-up, and attention to detail throughout the search process, the length to which we go to check references is equally rigorous and guarantees your hires are the best available.

Our experienced team manages expectations, communicates with both our clients and candidates and, therefore, delivers placement rates and acceptances that exceed industry averages. The negotiation process gives you and the applicant the chance to talk more about the job, including any special duties or responsibilities that workers have. We can also negotiate for you in terms of salary and benefits packages.

The last step in the call center recruiting process is the follow-up. We will check back with you frequently to ensure that you are happy with the candidate you selected for the job. Our job is done after the placement is made. Our exclusive retention program guarantees both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and planned communication.