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Having Problems Finding Qualified Candidates?

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As I sit at my desk reading hundreds of resumes, I’m getting more and more frustrated. I think to myself, did this applicant read the job posting? In most cases, I feel like the answer is no, they didn’t read it. With all of the job boards that are available in today’s world, it is too easy to apply for a job in mass quantities. Less than 2% of all of the resumes that I read are qualified for the job they are applying to.  Additionally, hiring managers can often over complicate the job description.

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With such expansive, detailed job descriptions, the job seeker may have trouble sifting through the essence of the job; thus, you get a candidate pool of people who may not be the best fit.  The danger in this practice is that you may even be alienating qualified candidates who feel that the job is targeted toward a more seasoned candidate.  Let’s be honest, if you are looking to expand your leadership team, it may be helpful to find a candidate with experience specific to your industry, but keep in mind that the skills that define a leader are typically universal, so by narrowing your job description to be too industry focused, you may very well be cheating your company out of great leaders who could easily grasp your industry’s concepts.



First of all, it starts with the kind of posting you put up.  In an age where we all want to get the interview, the hiring manager needs to narrow down what the most important aspects of the job are, and write clear and concise job descriptions.  It is a good practice to limit the essential qualifications to five or six meaningful bullet points.  Then, if you desire that the candidate should have other skills, you can list those too, just don’t label them as “essential.”  Use language such as “preferred.”

Secondly, when you find a candidate that appears like he/she may be a fit, you have to ask a series of question via a phone interview that will help you to identify if a face to face interview is going to be prudent, or a waste of everyone’s time. I have enclosed a series of questions that may be beneficial to you and your hiring authorities.

The success of The Call Center Group A-Z does not come for the job boards. You can’t forget about those sources, but if that is all that you depend on then your frustration of finding candidates and even retaining them is in jeopardy. We spend hours a day networking with other candidates and being part of social networks as well as staying in contact with our database of candidates.  We have recruiters on the ground in all corners of the United States networking, advocating, and bringing you the best and the brightest candidates that your industry has to offer.  A person can look great on paper; conversely, they may have a resume that really doesn’t sell their particular skill set.  The Call Center Group A-Z can see past that because we know our candidate pool personally.  We have taken the time to prescreen candidates, to get to know them.  This is a luxury that most hiring authorities do not have.

The Call Center Group A-Z has also taken the time to get to know YOU!  We know what your ideal candidate looks like.  We understand your corporate culture.  It doesn’t matter how skilled an employee is; if they do not fit in with the rest of the team, results can be disastrous for your company.  By partnering with us, we take the risk out of that decision for you with our 12-month employment guarantee.

Often times when I ask a hiring authority if they use staffing agencies or recruiters, they respond to me that they cannot afford it.. At times, in-house recruiters or HR Directors look at us as competition or a threat to their job. That is not what we are about.  In reality, we can be your biggest ally.  We do the hard work for you so that you can shine in your retention numbers.  We are literally your boots on the ground; getting out and making those personal connections.  We vet the candidates before they ever reach your desk.

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