How We Can Help You Recruit Your Staff to Work from Home During Coronavirus

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This is a time of need and unity. As valued clients – friends – I want to make sure you know The Call Center Group A-Z is committed to being a valued resource. Let’s get through this time of uncertainty together. In order to help with the financial aspects of staffing challenges at this time, we are willing to customize a short-term financial arrangement to achieve your organizational goals.Jeff Ullman

Coronavirus is an international crisis. The phrase, “We’re in this together” is overused and became trite a long time ago, but it works for what’s happening in our country – in your business – right now. The initial panic has passed and it’s time for us to pull together and help one another.

How can you help your clients even more during this time?

How can we help you? Call Center Recruiting is what we do; it’s what we bring to the table. We’re prepared to make financial adjustments to help your company through and beyond this crisis.

Call Centers Managing a Frightened Public

When the public panics, service workers are the first to deal with it.
The Atlantic

The coronavirus is changing the tone of every conversation. Call center employees are managing fearful customers uncertain about the future. Their anxieties are reflected in customer service interactions, especially with questions to which call center employees have no solid answers:

  • Are you running out of…?
  • If I change my mind…?
  • How long will it take to…?

Consumers are stressed about their own financial futures. They’re afraid of losing their jobs. Purchases they made 2 weeks ago now seem frivolous. The demand for refunds was expected in the travel and accommodations industry but no one anticipated the thousands of customers trying to recoup the money they spent on earlier purchases.

In the supply chain of emotions, fear naturally leads to anger. And customer service professionals can be punching bags for fearful, angry coronavirus customers.

5 Promises We Make During the Coronavirus Challenge

…When problems get complicated enough to push people away from companies’ websites or apps and onto the phone, things get really bad for those answering calls. Zendesk

Some of your best customer service employees are going to be stressed more than usual. Many newer employees will run, not walk, to the nearest exit. Here’s how The Call Center Group A-Z can help:

  1. We can make financial adjustments based on your need at this time.
  2. We will not compromise our standards for critical hires.
  3. The only candidates you will see will be A+ talent. We work only with the top 5% of talent in the industry.
  4. Our recruiting technology will continue to offer time and cost savings over any in-house recruiting efforts. It’s a fact.
  5. Our 100% replacement guarantee remains in effect.

We can team to meet these new obstacles head-on. And together, we will win. Our website is Call 480.538.6001 or contact The Call Center Group A-Z today.

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