Executive Team

When it comes to finding exceptional call center professionals, trust the experts at The Call Center Group A-Z. Our executive team has extensive experience in the industry of overseeing the placement of call center managers and support staff. We understand the ins and outs of operating a successful customer support department, and our team is committed to helping you expand your brand and grow your business.

If you’re ready to build a strong call center environment, our call center executive recruiters are ready to get to work for you. To learn more about us and the services that we offer, contact The Call Center Group A-Z, LLC, today.

Jeff Ullman


Jeff started in the call center industry in the mid 80′s. For 20+ years he has owned and operated call centers. In 2005, he leveraged his experience and executive network within the industry to create The Call Center Group A-Z, specializing in the placement of call center managers and executives.

Whether working for a start-up operation or an established contact center, Jeff built his reputation as a key player, delivering top-tier executive talent across, what are today, some of the premier call center companies in the industry. Additionally, Jeff is an expert in upper-level confidential searches. As a member of various trade organizations, such as CCNG, ASPA, ATA, and ICMI, Jeff is frequently called upon for advice and counsel within the call center industry.

Adam Netzer

Director of Recruiting

Adam is the Director of Recruiting for The Call Center Group A-Z and Center Group Staffing; overseeing planning and operations of the company’s information systems and sourcing technology.

Adam’s background consists of over 15 years of sales, recruiting, information technology, and business process improvement experience. This rare combination helps bridge the common gap between sales and operations, delivering solutions that simultaneously increase revenue, reduce costs, save time and increase security.

Adam started his BPI consulting practice, MicroDyne Technologies, LLC in 1998.  In 2006, he developed the advanced sourcing and candidate contact solution known today as HV-Fast. Since then, the technology has revolutionized the mass hiring process and continues to be the industry’s leading sourcing solution in both cost-per-hire and volume.