Executive Recruiting Experts on How to Keep High-Ranking Employees

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The cost of losing just one employee can be dire to a call center agency especially during the busier months of the year. It can even be worse when one of your high-ranking employees leaves the company for another job. High employee retention has always been an important part of the formula for a successful business, and it starts with the way you recruit your employees. Executive recruiting, in particular, has to be done with utmost care because of the impact the positions have on a call center’s operations.


The Cost of Losing an Employee

According to an article written by Josh Bersin, principal and founder of a highly successful company, the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars up to twice the employee’s annual salary. Hiring costs, training time, lost productivity, newbie errors, and the cultural impact of someone leaving all contribute to that amount The effect might even be worse if you lose someone who has been in the company for a very long time and is responsible for many business operations.

Recruiting for Retention

In many cases, employee retention has a lot to do with recruitment practices. Filling up a vacancy as soon as possible is definitely a priority, but it is much more important to make sure that the employee you bring in is the right fit. You can’t hire someone who you think can’t handle the job or who may just be after a temporary stint. Skilled call center executive recruiters like The Call Center Group A-Z, LLC advise company leaders to plan for the future and align recruitment strategies to business goals.

Picking Employees to Keep

It’s okay to be picky when it looking for someone to fill the big shoes of a former executive employee. In fact, it is necessary. Recruitment agencies know what to look for in an ideal employee. For instance, recruiters would take a closer look at an employee’s job history. Candidates who jump ship too often make poor employees and would be difficult to retain. An applicant’s priorities also speaks volumes on whether you should take a chance on them. What would make them stay in a job? How committed are they to their careers?

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