Core Skills a Call Center Recruiter Looks for in Executive Candidates

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While the term “call center management” conjures up a lot of concepts, there manages to be a common denominator behind it all: metrics. Most people immediately think of the job as strictly keeping up with set of expectations and urging everyone to do so. Although metrics play a large role in a call center executive’s performance, it is not the be-all and end-all of the position.

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Being a call center executive requires a fair set of core competencies. If you have recently been contacted by recruitment firms, like The Call Center Group A-z, LLC, as part of an executive recruiting spree, here are some of the skills you need to exhibit during your interview(s).

Ability to Work in a Fast-Paced Environment

Call centers are all about speed. As an executive, however, you should be able to make sound judgments and decisions just as quickly. This is especially important since your decisions impact large segments of a company—if not the entire company. During your interview, you may want to share stories about your ability to make quick decisions with authority with your interviewer.

Sound People Management

People management includes several dynamics, such as recruitment, motivation, performance issue diagnosis, coaching and counseling, and a clear understanding of how work standards should be defined. Coaching plays a large role in the success of call centers, and the people you lead will look up to you for guidance and inspiration on numerous occasions. Ideally, you should be practicing MBWA (Management by Walking Around) to make yourself visible and promote an open, desirable work environment.

Adequate Understanding of Tech and Processes

This is where experience comes perfectly into play. You need to possess an adequate and appropriate understanding of contact center technologies in order to manage staff effectively. Furthermore, since people management is one of the key areas, your mathematical prowess also has to be top-notch. Knowledge in dealing with performance statistics and reporting systems will allow you to assimilate the numbers and isolate performance trends and expectations, as well as create solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Being a call center executive requires a lot out of a candidate, and success is often defined by how flexible and learned you are in different skill sets. Provided you are well-versed enough in the aforementioned competencies (and appropriately back it up), you likely wouldn’t have a problem convincing a local call center recruiter that you’re the right person for the job.


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