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Are your customer service scores subpar? Do you experience a high rate of customer complaints? Do you have high employee turnover and difficulty retaining qualified call center staff?

If the answer is “yes” to any (hopefully not all) of the questions above, you may not have an employee problem but rather a management problem.

Management Training Binders
Unfortunately, not every manager is a good leader. While the majority of managers have no problem managing projects and situations, many lack the essential people skills required to engage and motivate their team.  Additionally, when somebody is promoted into a managerial position, they stop training and furthering their education- not because they don’t want to, they’re just too busy “managing”. As a result, this leads to many cases where non-management employees become better educated and demonstrate more leadership capabilities than their current manager. These employees thrive, then resign, seeking other opportunities; meanwhile, the managers continue in their managing style, perpetuating the same results.

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Develop your skills and Knowledge

Anytime a business becomes stagnant or in a stranglehold, almost always the reason can be directly attributed to a manager’s ability or attitude. If you’re not treating your staff right, the trickle-down effect will negatively impact your customer base, leading customers to seek out competitors…and you know what that can lead to.

It is imperative in today’s global economy and rapid information age, to continually expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities. That being said, it is important for management to continue their education process and hone their people skills in an effort to grow as a manager and learn to truly lead.

Simple tips for learning:

  • Join industry networking groups.
  • Attend industry training seminars, workshops, and conferences.
  • Stay in the know- Follow industry news via online feeds, publications, magazines, periodicals and books.
  • Listen closely to your team- Welcome suggestions and input while sharing knowledge and insight through positive communication.
  • Hold team meetings to share insights, discuss goals and learn as a collective.
  • Work to improve time-management- Never be too busy to learn!

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