Call Center Staffing and Hiring is a Big Challenge in the Industry

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Call centers in all industries and trades face many different challenges that go beyond just dealing with frustrated callers and lengthy shifts. Problems that trouble these agencies today are much more technical and range from the quality of agent responses to ensuring the agency’s disaster recovery capabilities. According to Ameyo, a call center technology company, one thing agencies find to be exceptionally difficult is overcoming call center staffing problems especially when it comes to recruiting or hiring.

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Hiring the Right Applicant

A study conducted by the Cornell University found that an average call center has an employee attrition rate of 33 percent. Hiring the wrong applicant contributes to a good chunk of that unimpressive number. The problem often lies in having just a small pool of quality candidates. Sure, many people are lining up for a call center job, but how many of those are actually worth keeping? Hiring someone who is a miscast for the job could end up costing you a lot. Call center agencies today need to work better on their recruitment strategies in order to attract quality agents.

Improving Retention Rate

One of the most cited reasons for agents leaving is the lack of motivation towards the job. The way you recruit employees often have a big role in that which is why many call center agents opt to leave it to well-known call center staffing agencies like The Call Center Group A-Z, LLC to ensure quality of hires. There’s no sense in wasting precious resources on someone who doesn’t have plans to stay.  First and foremost, you should only be hiring people you believe to be truly motivated. You can take certain measures to ensure that you are hiring quality agents ,such as reaching as many qualified candidates as possible, creating a compelling job ad, improving the initial screening process, and building an ideal candidate profile.

Managing Fresh Hires

Managing fresh hires is also an important part of the recruitment process even though it is not directly connected to screening or selecting applicants. Managers should have knowledge of how the process works because they will serve as the mentors. They should help determine what would be the necessary skills and attitudes to look for in an ideal applicant. Continuous training on different areas, such as phone etiquette and knowledge of products or services, are also needed to provide opportunities of growth for employees.

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