Call Center Jobs: Identifying Candidates with the Needed People Skills

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Today’s job market is competitive, and while specialized skills are preferred by each industry, employers look for “soft skills” in almost all of their hires. In a survey conducted on 400 U.S. employers, the respondents were asked which skills they deem as “must-haves” for rookie workforce entrants. The top four replies were: work ethic, oral and written communications, teamwork, and problem-solving aptitude.

Team Communication

Overall, such qualities can easily be classified under a single, universally accepted term: interpersonal skills. Having such competencies ensures an individual’s success as a team player, as well as puts forth the opportunity to promote a harmonious working environment. Otherwise known as “people skills”, a lack thereof can set an organization back more seriously than it bargained more. It can lead to lawsuits, the proliferation of disgruntled customers, and office strife. While it’s true that several types of people skills are innate, most can be learned over time.

The specific people skills that industries today value the most in applicants are verbal and non-verbal communication, listening, negotiation, decision-making, problem-solving, and assertiveness, to name a few, and HR experts agree that these can be learned—or improved. These are particularly important for customer service careers like call center jobs.

People skills are essentially the lifeblood of a call center agent’s career. Agents need to be excellent listeners, so they can sort out the details of every issue and see each customer’s concern as unique, regardless of how many times they’ve attended to similar issues. Agents  have to find a way to understand everything about an issue so they can apply the appropriate solution in the shortest possible time (dissatisfied customers aren’t always the most patient lot, after all).

One soft skill that’s needed in any available call center job is having a sense of teamwork. In call centers, agents never work alone. This rings true in every other industry as well. Team players have an excellent sense of assertiveness and sociability that help boost their overall performance and morale, making them invaluable to any company.

Recruitment companies that specialize in call center staffing, like The Call Center Group A-Z, LLC, know the importance of recognizing these people skills in candidates. Whether innate or learned, these qualities separate the ideal candidates from the rest, and it takes staffing experts to accurately and efficiently sort out the field.

The Importance Of Interpersonal Skills In The Workplace,

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