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The Benefits of Customer Service Training: A Lesson Learned

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Perhaps one of the biggest corporate myths is that customer service training is only important for retail stores and banks.  However, no matter what type of business you are in, pleasing customers is the only way to ensure success.  With more and more businesses utilizing call centers for marketing, ordering, and follow-up care, call center customer service training has never been more vital for success.  Did you know that the majority of companies with 90% customer approval ratings and a 10% increase of new customers each year show NO fiscal growth?   In today’s ever-growing economy, simply providing excellent customer service does not necessarily guarantee success.

Employers with call centers must utilize the many lessons offered in phone customer service training if they are to show any growth.

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Lesson 1:  Customer Interaction                                                                       

Employees working with hundreds of customers each day can easily forget previous transactions.  Customers, however, are THREE times more likely to remember interpersonal interactions than employees.  Customer service training ensures that employees can effectively and appropriately interact with customers from a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds.

Lesson 2:  Company Image  

If your business is brick and mortar, your front door is the first impression that customers receive.  For businesses that utilize call centers, the ONLY impression that employees receive is an anonymous voice over the phone.  Bad customer service quickly leads to a bad company image.  Employees undergoing call center customer service training are more likely to project a positive company image.

Lesson 3:  Better Sales

Without a doubt, customer service training is one of the best ways to increase sales.  Through phone customer service training, employees learn to overcome customer concerns to not only salvage potentially lost sales—but also make new ones.

Lesson 4:  Employee Satisfaction

Sure, customer service training makes happier customers.  Did you know that it also makes happier employees?  Employees who are confident in their ability to perform their jobs and overcome customer complaints are less likely to quit, eliminating the cost of hiring and training new, less experienced, employees. Businesses seeking to survive in a corporate world that hinges on customer satisfaction at the touch of a button, training call center employees to effectively meet the needs of customers is imperative.  Pleasing most of the customers most of the time will ensure financial ruin.  Effective customer service training is the most effective lesson businesses can utilize to guarantee customer satisfaction—and success.

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